Welcome to Art 473-673 for the Fall 2013 Semester!

Hello and Welcome to Art 473-673!  This Fall 2013 semester we will explore the sustained cry for artistic freedom and its connection to the outpouring of creative energy between 1890 and 1960.  Although much of this visual material may seem “old” to you, in reality the pitched battle by the artist for expressive freedom is a recent phenomena from a historical context.  An exhibition catalogue entry written by critic Clive Bell, published in the Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition (1912), states:  “We all agree now that any form in which an artist can express himself is legitimate, and the more sensitive perceive that there are things worth expressing that could never have been expressed in traditional forms.”  Clive Bell began his catalogue entry with the following exclamation:  “The battle is won.”  Do you believe that “the battle is won”?  Your thoughts?

Picasso Les_Demoiselles_d'Avignon


Pablo Picasso, Women of Avignon, 1907

Pollock No._5,_1948


Jackson Pollock, Number 5, 1948